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NameShopware AG

Shopware AG is one of the leading shopsystem producers in Germany and currently employes around 150 people at the Schöppingen headquarter. The Shopware community works on the further development of the software on the daily.


The shop software Shopware – A Summary

Shopware is an open source online shop solution by Shopware AG based in Schöppingen, North-Rhine-Westphalia. For over 15 years, Shopware has been setting industry standards for open source shop solutions and made a name for itself in the online world. Differently than other competitors, Shopware is focussed on the European market and – due to the GDPR – enables out-of-the-box GDPR-compliance without the need of additional plugins, extensions etc.

The further development of Shopware's core is mainly carried out through Shopware AG itself, however, it is done publically and can be traced through i.e. GitHub. Shopware has acquired a loyal, constantly growing "fanbase" of agencies and freelance developers, who are providing, maintaining and supporting more than 1.700 additional functionalities through extensions in the Shopware-Store. Shopware AG meets its supporters at eye level and – as a reward for the contributions, as well as to enable honest feedback and exchange – hosts an annual "Shopware Community Day" which has been growing in popularity for years. 

Why does Marketing Factoy rely on Shopware?

Shopware excels at modularity and easy extensibility. The core system alone already covers all important features needed for providing and maintaining an online shop. Smaller e-commerce projects can even get away with using the basic functionalities to organize their entire online trades as well as subsequent processes. The system can be extended easily through free and costing plugins to perfectly fit the customers needs. A Shopware installation can "grow" with the customer and even enable projects with increasing complexity. 

Shopware's central guideline is to enable an emotional shopping experience to the shop customers. That's where the customizable shopping worlds come into play: shop owners can choose from a variety of elements and place them basically wherever the template allows it. Thereby, interesting, emotional and picture-heavy shop pages can be created even without any coding knowledge.

For more complex projects, Marketing Factory relies on the Shopware Enterprise Edition: This comes with – besides a variety of included plugins – official Shopware support with fix reaction times. The Shopware B2B Suite additionally enables cross-channel distribution solutions and can realize complex seller-integrations as well as marketplace models. 

Emotional shopping worlds

The shopping worlds are Shopware's centerpieces. They enable the creation of individual, responsive landing pages as well as complex product presentations directly in the backend. 


Highly powerful search

Shopware's Enterprise Search extends the already existing search functionalitites by a highly performant search technology based on Elasticsearch – with a wide variety of customizable configurations. This, in turn, enables a powerful facetted search, which can withstand high amounts of website traffic and provide your customers with an easy access to your product range. 


Marketing Features

Shopware includes a variety of marketing tools and sale enhancement features. Through the customer and product streams, shop owners have the possibility to provide classified, personalised content to their visitors. This way, shop owners can ensure, that each and every customer receives exactly those incentives, that most likely drive sales. 


We integrate Shopware into your already existing infrastructure

Through individualized APIs, Shopware can be easily linked to product information management systems (PIM), enterprise resource management systems (ERP) and more. A seamless integration cuts the work effort for your employees in half, because product and supplier data only have to be updated and maintained in one system – no more additional systems and therefore reoccurring introductions into unknown applications needed. 

Ideally, orders will be automatically imported into the enterprise resource management and delivered to the logistic department. This enables shorter delivery times and, in turn, increases customer satisfaction. 

Marketing Factory has been able to collect extensive experiences in the integration of PIM systems into different online shops during the last years. Therefore, we know what's needed to run a successful e-commerce business and which points during the data exchange between shop and PIM really matter. If there doesn't exist an official API from your PIM to Shopware, we'll gladly individually develope one for you.