Extension Development

Marketing Factory Consulting GmbH extension developments

The development of extensions is another service we provide alongside our concept development, consulting and individual programming work, which you can find under "Services".

Below are just a few examples:

amazon_affiliate – Integration of suitable Amazon products

How do you integrate suitable Amazon products into the content of an article?

This or similar questions occur to the operator of a website at the very latest when he wishes to draw his visitors’ attention to specific products relevant to an article by linking to them at the end of the article.

Amazon PartnerNet provides a range of options to solve this problem – but up to now there has not been a really good integration to TYPO3 CMS. When you come to check the availability of a linked product, you have to check all product integration manually in terms of their functionality.

The amazon_affiliate extension provides a solution to these problems. Apart from its extremely simple installation and integration of products, the extension also provides the possibility of automatically monitoring all active products in the backend. This lets the operator regularly recognise the points at which a product needs to be replaced. The "SearchAndAdd" or "Bestsellers" modules in the extension also provide the option of presenting what, in Amazon’s view, are the most relevant products for a specific keyword or a certain category. Matching and relevant products are therefore always displayed to visitors.

amazon_affiliate is compatible with all TYPO3 installations from the LTS version 6.2 onwards.

Marketing Factory is making the extension available to the entire TYPO3 community. It has been available to  download since November 2013. The extension manual is also available  here .

mfc_author – Authoring boxes for TYPO3

The extension mfc_author now offers the option of displaying data about the author of a page or an article to visitors to the page in TYPO3.

This extension developed by Marketing Factory links the name of the author to a link to the author’s Google+ profile, providing a profile has been set up there. The link is set up in such a way that Google can correspondingly process the information about the author.

In addition to the link to the Google+ profile, the extension mfc_author also provides a brief description of the person, if required – alongside the photo of the author – as well as a link to his profile in social networks, such as Facebook. Twitter or Xing. The author’s email address can also be displayed, if required.

All authors are centrally listed in the TYPO3 backend and can be selected from a drop-down menu under the respective article or piece. All data is maintained in one place and can then be conveniently added to the page properties or the article properties.

Marketing Factory is making the extension available to the entire TYPO3 community. The extension can be installed in all TYPO3 installations from version 6.2 LTS onwards. It has been available to  download since November 2013. 

mfc_belogin_captcha – Captcha to prevent hacker attacks on TYPO3

Attacks on TYPO3 systems occur from time to time, albeit infrequently. The hackers use automated systems – known as bots – to carry out these attacks, which use different password combinations to attempt to access the systems. The aim of these attacks is to obtain sensitive company or customer information.

Although the TYPO3 community is constantly working to improve the security of TYPO3 and there are already many solutions to recognise these attacks, no solution has yet been found to generally prevent these attacks.

mfc_belogin_captcha is an extension created by Sebastian Fischer, our Senior TYPO3 Developer and certified TYPO3 Integrator, which prevents the hacking of passwords by automated systems as soon as this has occurred.

After a certain number of failed logins, a CAPTCHA is displayed, which must be completed in addition to the correct access data. As is known, automated systems cannot complete a captcha and so further attacks are prevented by the appearance of this captcha alone. However, the extension ensures that the content managers of a system can still log in to the backend even after five failed logins due to typing errors.

The extension mfc_belogin_captcha generates the captchas using the new Google reCAPTCHA. As the bots are being programmed to become increasingly intelligent, the known combinations of numbers or letters are often no longer adequate to verify a "human user". Instead, reCAPTCHA uses images of numbers, image sequences or simple tick boxes to differentiate humans from bots. The latter cannot (or at least cannot yet) solve these. Apart from improving the security of TYPO3 systems and offering protection against hacker attacks, the extension also provides the major advantage that TYPO3 backends can continue to be used unrestrictedly even during an ongoing attack.

Marketing Factory is making the extension available to the entire TYPO3 community. The extension has been available to download since September 2013.

mfc_canonical – Individual canonical tags for every page

The extension mfc_canonical offers the option of explicitly placing an individual canonical tag on each page.

Installing this extension eliminates the need to "build" a canonical tag into every page yourself. Using mfc_canonical, it is possible to quickly and simply place a canonical tag for every page and in every language – even when using a TYPO3 installation with a single tree and multiple language versions.

The extension can be used in all TYPO3 installations from version 6.2 LTS onwards and is also compatible with the latest TYPO3 version – 7 LTS.

Marketing Factory is making the extension available to the entire TYPO3 community and it is available to download at typo3.org.

mfc_feed – The latest news and feeds at a glance

We developed the extension mfc_feed to be able to show our visitors the latest topics and discussions from our "Heimwerker "Do-it-yourself" Forum". The extension is currently being used on the heimwerker.de portal, which was run by Marketing Factory between 1996 and September 2016.

When developing the extension, there was a particular focus on caching:

the plug-in itself is not cached, but features an internal cache that expires every 30 minutes. The forum is accessed again at the end of the 30 minutes to check whether there is new content. If yes, the older topics are replaced by the latest ones.

This intensive focus on caching makes it difficult to debug mfc_feed, as the error sources comes from TYPO3 as well as from the forum.

The extension has not been published due to its enormous complexity, as it is ultra-complicated to integrate and maintain, and presents a number of obstacles to inexperienced TYPO3 integrators.

Please get in touch with us if you are interested in the extension or would like to receive more information about it.

mfc_htmltag – Fast integration of additional meta information

Meta tags (also known as meta information) are little snippets of programs by means of which additional  information can be rovided about a web page. 

They are stored in the "head" area of the page source and generally provide structured information for search engines.

Apart from the most important meta tags (title tag, meta description and meta robots tag), there are a number of other meta tags, including open graph meta tags, which define the most important content for sharing web pages in social networks.

The extension mfc_htmltag enables the existing meta tags to be quickly and simply extended with additional meta information without it having to be manually installed in the source text of the web page. The extension automatically adds the additional meta information at a sensible point, that is directly beside the existing meta names.

The extension is compatible with the TYPO3 version 6.2 LTS. Marketing Factory is making the extension available to the entire TYPO3 community and it can be downloaded here .

mfc_seotitle – Individual page title for front and backend

While extremely long and detailed page titles rapidly create a confusing sitemap at the TYPO3 backend, this kind of detailed page title can be advantageous at the frontend – particularly from an SEO perspective.

Marketing Factory developed the extension mfc_seotitle to enable both and thus offer the benefits of an informative SEO title and a clearly arranged backend. The extension enables an additional title for the output at the frontend (SEO title) to be added in addition to the normal page title. The extension also permits a navigation title to be added.

When developing the extension, particular attention was paid to ensuring that the SEO title can also be used for localisation purposes.

Marketing Factory is making the extension available to the entire TYPO3 community and it can be downloaded here .

mfc_tagcloud – Individual tag clouds for each page

The extension mfc_tagcloud enables a tag cloud to be integrated into any TYPO3 page.

Installation and configuration is extremely easy and convenient: the relevant keywords are entered at the TYPO3 backend and linked to the required page. Depending on the priority, the keywords can be displayed in five different sizes. What is more, it is possible to opt for normal or bold font.

In short, by using mfc_tagcloud users can navigate more easily around a website, as the operator directs users’ attention by emphasising certain keywords. Large, bold words stand out. It is up to the operator himself whether he wishes to use the tag cloud to highlight topics that are already popular or to push pages with rather less traffic.

Marketing Factory is making the extension mfc_tagcloud available to the entire TYPO3 community and it can be downloaded here.

mfc_toprankedsites – The most popular pages at a glance

The extension mfc_toprankedsites provides the operator of a website with the option to output the pages most frequently read or the most popular pages within a website.

Outputting these pages provides the added value that visitors can be navigated conveniently around the website in addition to the navigation bar and menu. The output can further increase traffic to these pages.

The extension mfc_toprankedsites analyses the traffic to the second level and/or to the second sub-directory and automatically outputs the most popular pages there. The number of pages outputted can be quickly and simply configured at the TYPO3 backend. The data relevant for generating the most popular pages is obtained from Google services, such as Google Analytics, which produce and output this by analysing the website traffic.

Marketing Factory has not made mfc_toprankedsites publicly available but we are happy to provide it at any time on request.

mfc_file_additionalmeta – Basic bug fix for core problems

The extension mfc_file_additionalmeta is essentially a bug fix for a core problem.

The development of the extension emanated from the problem that images were no longer displayed once migrated from DAM to FAL. This was due to the partially incorrect stipulation of the image sizes in DAM or simply due to no sizes being specified. Nevertheless these images were rendered and output with DAM. However, as FAL acquires the required data for image output from the image data set, the images at the frontend were outputted incorrectly or not at all.

Marketing Factory has succeeded in solving this problem with its  mfc_file_additionalmeta extension.

The extension is available to the entire TYPO3 community and it can be downloaded here. The extension is compatible with all TYPO3 versions including 7 LTS.

mfc_dailycontest – Simple creation of competitions etc.

Website operators can use the extension mfc_dailycontest to create and monitor competitions, advent calendars, discount campaigns or similar. Using the extension you can conveniently define the prize, discounted products etc., as well as defining the start and end point of a campaign. At the end of the defined period, you will receive a list detailing all the participants and related information, which can then be used to manually determine the winner(s).

The popular approach of submitting multiple entries is now a thing of the past with mfc_dailycontest.
Should a user attempt to submit multiple entries for a competition to increase his chances of winning, his attempts are simply listed as multiple attempts under his name. And as the winners are determined manually, his supposed increased chance of winning is nullified.

This extension was used for the first time with the advent calendar run by our client Westfalia Werkzeug Company.. Different prizes were defined at the backend every day during the period from 1 to 24 December. These prize opportunities were also determined for periods of one day each.

Marketing Factory has not yet published mfc_dailycontest but hopes to do so in the near future. The extension is compatible with the current TYPO3 7 LTS version.

mfc_beuser_iprange – Restriction of access to TYPO3 systems

Attacks on TYPO3 systems occur from time to time, albeit it rather infrequently. Marketing Factory has developed the extension mfc_beuers_iprange to prevent unauthorised viewing of sensitive company and client data. The development of this extension represents a major step forward in countering the viewing and forwarding of this kind of data.

The principle of the extension is simple:
access to a TYPO3 system is based on one of more specific networks and anyone who tries to access it from outside these networks will fail.

The use of TYPO3 installations is restricted by mfc_beuser_iprange to a specific network environment. Any access from an IP address outside the defined network is prevented. Sensitive data cannot therefore be viewed and possibly forwarded by unauthorised hackers or employees.

The extension will shortly be published by Marketing Factory and will then be available to the entire TYPO3 community. The extension is compatible with all TYPO3 versions including the latest 7 LTS version.

Language packages for static_info_tables – Central collation of country-specific data

The extension static_info_tables is used for the simplified transfer and central storage of country-specific data. This collection contains information, such as:

  • Countries
  • Federal states
  • Languages
  • Currencies
  • Territories

With static_info_tables, all this information can be collected simply and centrally in the respective official descriptions. The extension is already available country-specifically for Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Denmark, Portugal, Romania, the Czech Republic, China as well as a default version in English.

The extension static_info_tables is compatible with all TYPO3 installations including 7 LTS. Marketing Factory has published the following language packs as an extension to the entire TYPO3 community:

mfc_picturecredits – Specification of image sources made easy

Marketing Factory has significantly simplified the insertion of source references to images with the extension mfc_picturecredits

The extension includes a backend formula in which conveniently all relevant image data, such as license rights, name of photographer, year of creation etc., can be entered for the corresponding image. The extension is essentially a plug-in for the output of the backend formula at the frontend.

The extension mfc_picturecredits has not yet been published but will be made available in the near future. The extension is compatible with all TYPO3 installations including the new 7 LTS version.

dynaflex – Dynamic flex forms for shop systems

The dynaflex extension was developed by Marketing Factory in conjunction with the commerce shop extension and simplifies the management of commerce data sets.

The dynaflex extension is compatible with all TYPO3 versions from 6.2 onwards. Marketing Factory is making the extension available to the entire TYPO3 community. You can download it here together with the manual.

commerce – The flexible online shop module

When developing the commerce  extension, the focus was specifically on the presentation and maintenance of complex nested product and category structures, which guarantees simple and intuitive operation even with extensive shop applications.

Commerce supports a large number of languages and currencies to enable global use. Country- and currency-dependent tax rates can be adjusted individually at the backend.

When ordering a product, localisation can also be performed, which automatically adapts the shipping method depending on the destination.

The operator can manage an unlimited number of products in the online shop. This also includes "virtual" products, such as software, images, music or video files, which can be offered to users to download after a successful purchase. 

Product descriptions, prices and images, as well as relevant documents, can be attached when integrating products into TYPO3. There is also a possibility to create multiple versions of a product (different colours, sizes etc.)

With commerce, the usability of an online shop is greatly increased by the large number of payment options. PayPal or even hire purchase are available as well as electronic transfer and credit card purchases.

The extension has many advantages for the operator of an online shop as well:
commerce also offers the opportunity of evaluating and monitoring statistics on goods and creating individually configurable customer groups at the backend. Important marketing features, such as validity periods (for instance for seasonal products or happy hour regulations) or individual discounts or vouchers, can also be defined.

The extension is compatible with all TYPO3 6.2 LTS versions including the latest 7 LTS version. Other extensions, such as tt_address, are needed to support commerce.