System administration
Housing / Hosting, Managed Hosting, Consulting

As a full service internet agency since 1996, we also offer our clients the management and monitoring of their entire technical infrastructure. They have the opportunity to opt for hosting or housing in a state-of-the-art data centre managed either by us, or an external provider.

We offer 24/7 monitoring with both options, as well as performance monitoring, which enables us to act preemptively in the event of possible bottlenecks. Apart from the automated and versioned configuration of the systems, fully automatic backups of all server data are carried out daily, enabling us to guarantee a high level of data security and stability, which, in turn, enables us to return to previously defined versions at any time.

Diverse security precautions are also in place for all systems and applications, including the use of intrusion detection systems, as well as hardware and software firewalls at different levels. 

To maximize the usability of your site, we rely on the use of a CDN (Content Delivery Network). This helps reduce the load and response times of your website around the world.


Housing / Hosting

  • Redundant own infrastructure (measured availability in the last 4 years: 99.998%)

  • Protection of business-critical websites from DDoS attacks

  • High security standards (ISO/IEC 27001:2013)

  • Customer-specific service-level agreements


Managed hosting

  • Selection and optimisation of the hosting package

  • Communication and coordination with the hosting partner

  • Maintenance of the operating systems

  • Installation and configuration of software


With over 20 years experience in hosting, we will support you during all selection processes, as well as with the subsequent concept development of your infrastructure and hosting environment. We’ll be on hand to support you with our knowledge and expertise during this entire period.

In this context, we’d be happy to advise you on the various opportunities and providers with regard to cloud services.

In spite of the increasing number of services offered by cloud providers, we always retain an overview of the market to find the right sustainable solutions for your requirements. 

We can also optimise the following aspects through a comprehensive analysis of your systems:

  • Security

  • Code

  • Infrastructure

  • Performance