Seamless CMS Integration
In case your shopsystem is unable to cope with your content

Are you looking for a way to offer great content to your shop customers? Are you planning on creating an extensive advisory content section within your shop? Are your shop CMS functions reaching their limits? Just let TYPO3 manage your content and leave the product management and selling process to your shop system!

Marketing Factory Consulting Inc. has more than 20 years of experiences in managing and maintaining online shops with content management via TYPO3. The most important functionalities are: 

Seamless transition in the Frontend

The transition between the shop and the editorial section should feel as seamless as possible for your customers. Therefore, both systems and their contents have to be seamlessly connected.

Clean separation in the backend

The content management of editorial contents happens in TYPO3, while your solely shop system focusses on maintaining and selling your products and articles.

Cross-System Promotion and Sales

Editorial contents work perfectly to promote products and articles in an elegant way through advisory texts. Shop owners can easily integrate automatically generated, topic-fitting product teasers (in form of teaser-tiles, carussels or wish lists with a direct link to the shopping cart), which systematically leads your customers from the content section into the actual shop.

If you are also selling your products on marketplaces such as Amazon, you can also implement those products in connection with fitting affiliate links. Cross system selling made easy!

SEO-friendly special functions

TYPO3 includes a variety of SEO-friendly special functions for editorial pages, which can help you optimise and support your sales deals, prize draws or other customer retention activities. 

Besides several special navigation elements, TagClouds, automatic cross linkings or glossaries, TYPO3 – thanks to the Yoast SEO extension – also enables you to optimise contents for social media sharing.