Integration of Recommendation Engines
Individual sales approaches through personalized suggestions

Do you want to individually address your customers? Do you want to offer them a special shopping feeling? By integrating a recommendation engine into your shop, you can provide personalized suggestions in real time based on historic data and automatic prognosis. Additionally, shop owners can easily display those individualized suggestions either on category level, in accessory listings or simply as cross-selling offers to their customers.


Enriching editorial contents with product placements

Integrating a recommendation engine into TYPO3 enables you to use dynamically displayed product suggestions in content teasers, product carousels or slider elements.

If your shop has a TYPO3 based content area – you have the possibility to use those personalized suggestions displaying your products. 

Individualized Suggestions and Incentives

If your customer likes roaming through your shop without an actual intention of buying something – just offer him a personalized incentive and help him completing his purchase.

If your customer is a penny pincher – use your recommendation engine for creating dynamic pricings based on his former website visits.