Technology, programming and hosting

We offer made-to-measure technical solutions to meet your precise requirements. Starting with IT consultancy, the programming of internet applications, as well as hosting and technical support.

We produce complex online sites and implement them into your existing IT structures. This also involves linking applications to product databases, ERP systems, external user management and other third-party systems.

Template Coding / Frontend

Compliance with the latest web standards forms the basis for the coding of design templates. In terms of coding per se, compliance with all technical criteria is the focus of a successful website:

  • Fast loading times with a slim code
  • A semantically correct and valid code for optimum indexing by search engines
  • Compatibility with all modern browsers and mobile devices
  • Intuitive and convenient operation by the sensible and beneficial use of AJAX

Content Management

We have been working with the TYPO3 content management system since 2002 and, as a TYPO3 Gold Member, have already successfully installed the CMS into numerous projects.

As one of the leading TYPO3 agencies, our services range from installation, customising, template creation and extension programming, to system maintenance, training and CMS hosting.

Shop Systems

Are you looking for a tailor-made shop solution for your website? We will develop and produce an individual online shop to meet your specific requirements and preferred business model. In doing so, we use the TYPO3 shop extension, TYPO3 commerce, as the basis and standard solution, relying on many years of experience and numerous references for successfully implemented shopping solutions, including Westfalia or Kneipp.

Apache Solr search

Intelligent searches fulfil more exacting demands than a standard full-text search, as they permit a convenient search for information within a website or online store. The Open Source enterprise search engine Apache Solr for TYPO3 represents a smart solution for a powerful search function. The search tool has the following benefits:

  • Search results in less than a second
  • Limitation of results through sensible facets and filters
  • Integrated spell checking ("Did you possibly mean...?")
  • Automatic suggestions for completing the search term (Auto-Suggest)
  • Search for synonyms, for instance a search for a "screwdriver" also includes "screw driver" and "turn screw" in the list of results

We’d be pleased to customise the faceted Solr search to met your needs and integrate it into your store or company website.

Hosting, Operation and Support

Are you looking for a company to host your website or store but also require reliable support? We’re your one-stop shop, as we offer both hosting and housing, as well as providing long-term technical supportadministration and maintenance. All our servers are also 100% run using green power, produced from renewable energy sources, including hydropower, biomass or wind power.

A further benefit: Our agency boasts a state-of-the-art technical infrastructure, with which we can offer you even complex hosting solutions, including high availability, fail-over and server clusters etc.