Apps and mobile devices

Applications provided as mobile web and mobile app versions

The majority of users regularly access websites using mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, while the demand for mobile solutions is constantly rising. A specialised and modified navigation and layout concept therefore becomes increasingly important to match usability to the needs of users. We are able to make use of different sections from the existing website at the planning, concept development, layout and implementation stages. Fundamentally we differentiate between native apps and mobile web versions:

Native App

Here the app is installed only once on the smartphone or tablet and – with the exception of dynamic content – does not require an internet connection. Once it has been installed in the App Store or downloaded directly with Android versions, only the updates need to be downloaded and installed. The app is then used without an active internet connection, thanks to its specialised navigation and modified layout.

Mobile Web

The user operates the app via the browser in his smartphone, tablet or desktop PC via an active internet connection. In spite of the specialised layout and navigation concept, the generation of a mobile web version is generally associated with less work than a native app. The user also obtains the very latest content due to the internet connection.

Concept development and implementation are illustrated by the Henkel Adhesive Adviser (Klebeberater) app

We developed the Henkel Adhesive Guide app for Henkel AG & Co.KGaA, which was adapted as a POS Adviser placed at the adhesives shelf and then later into a revised online version. A mobile web version and an app for iPhone and Android were also developed.

Consumers use the Adhesive Guide app to obtain the right adhesive for different materials in just a few clicks and can also obtain product information and handy hints for use on request. The app takes into account approx. 35 different materials, different sizes of surfaces and over 2,000 different examples of adhesion. It therefore assists consumers when they are searching for a product and helps them to select the right adhesive from an extensive range. No internet connection is needed. At the same time, it demonstrates the company's advisory expertise and promotes the sale of adhesives.

Over 2,000 different examples of adhesion were collected in a clearly arranged matrix, the content of which can be managed and assigned to different products. At the same time, the app also takes into account the fact that products of different brands are suitable for similar adhesive applications and differentiates national and international ranges from each other. The aim was to develop an Adhesive Adviser app, which can be used in different countries with the respective national product ranges. Part of the solution involved developing a stand-alone extension for product management based on TYPO3, which extends the company’s advisory expertise on national and international online channels.