Substanzmedia GmbH, Ratingen
Further technical and content development of the website as well as the creation of a corporate blog.

NameSubstanzmedia GmbH
SectorSubstanzmedia GmbH runs the innovative online platform for company sales, share acquisition and succession plans. As worldwide single platform it presents the SMEs to be sold on proprietary microsites in a comprehensive and virtual way. 
Period 2016 – 2019

Project details

Substanzmedia GmbH commissioned Marketing Factory with the technical and content related development of their existing websites in 2016. The first step included the definition of the different usergroups as well as their desires towards the website. The following optimisation measures were based on those findings.


Development of

The online platform serves as a source of information for prospective users of the Substanzcheck-Portal. Users can find a all information about the company as well as the process of company sales, share acquisition and succession plans. 

Our measures were primarily focused on the content-related development and the optimisation based on online marketing aspects. 

Another measure included the creation of an english localisation to make the content accessible to international users.

Further technical development of the Substanzcheck-Portal

The Substanzcheck-Portal is the centerpiece of the company. The platform digitalises the process of company sales, share acquisition and succession plans.

In order to optimise the process we took several measures: 

  • Adjustments on the result-displaying carousel to improve usability
  • Further broadening of the search options in order to enable specific queries and to improve the quality of search results
  • Integration of different contact and information forms
  • Implementation of a process for the distribution of individual infoletters

Creation of a Wordpress-based blog

In November 2016 Marketing Factory created the Wordpress-based Substanzcheck-Blog for Substanzmedia.

The purpose of this blog is to represent their expertise on different subjects concerning company sales as well as to enlarge the range of coverage to reach more potential target subjects.

By following the basics of responsive web design, a perfect representation on all devices is guaranteed.