Tool by Metabo

Metabowerke, Nürtingen
Conversion to TYPO3 CMS and operation of over 30 national servers

NameMetabowerke GmbH
SectorMetabowerke GmbH produces hand-held power tools and semi-stationery and stationery woodworking machines. As one of the few full-range suppliers on the market, Metabo supplies the correct tools for all purposes: from woodworking and metalworking to fastening technology and gardening.
Period1999 – 2018

Project overview

  • 1999 - 2003: Traditional HTML-programmed servers.
  • 2003: Migration to the TYPO3 content management system.
  • 2006: Design relaunch of all national and company versions.
  • 2007/2008: Conversion of the global online product catalogues to an import from Metabo’s media-neutral database.
  • 2009: Design relaunch of all national and company versions.
  • 2010: Implementation of new target group-specific special sections with automatic part catalogues, design relaunch of the "Inox" metal range microsite .
  • 2011: Creation of a modern microsite for the new "Metabo Cordless" battery technology.

Project details

Metabo maintains over 30 national servers and company sites via Marketing Factory, as well as a specialised international portal presence based on the TYPO3 content management system. Alongside these websites, the Metabowerke online presence also includes over 75 microsites on specific topics or promotions.

Conversion of the Metabo servers to TYPO3 in 2003

In the summer of 2003, at the recommendation of Marketing Factory, Metabo migrated all servers within the Metabo Group to the TYPO3 open source content management system. Visually and technically, they are some of our best servers, as they

  • are always close to the product and the target groups and, in spite of this, graphically sophisticated.

  • The technology behind it is "state of the art" in every respect and enables new workflows and a distribution of work.

  • Thanks to the productive tools used, the duration of the project was very short and the budget could be kept significantly lower .

Several highlights of the Metabo servers:

  • The international version puts the spotlight on the distribution function. The intention is for any customer, dealer or prospective customer to access "their" national representative website directly without wasting time. If there is no country-specific site (yet), then the international version provides all the information and services.

  • Metabo maintains a large number of company sites and microsites within the TYPO3 installation, for instance as stand-alone websites for international product launches

  • The product catalogues and image and text data catalogues are supplied country-specifically by XML from Metabo’s media-neutral database and are also paired with the TYPO3 CMS.
    Since 2010, these main catalogues are also available on the individual websites, filtered according to target groups  .

  • The product-related spare parts search guides users to the corresponding spare parts list based on the model number.

  • The dealer search permits a geo-coded output in Germany, based on the actual distance between the customer and dealer. In the background, an appropriate external database was paired with the TYPO3 CMS for this purpose.

  • Metabo conducts regular online surveys on the latest products and applications. Depending on their shape or form, Metabo uses special survey tools, such as MFC polls or corresponding TYPO3 extensions as the technical basis for this.

  • Regular HTML newsletters are produced in the TYPO3 backend for different countries and are sent out directly from TYPO3 via a corresponding newsletter service provider.

  • The frontend / TYPO3 and Metabo’s HR software are also interconnected: vacancies are displayed at the frontend and the questionnaires from online applications are forwarded directly to the HR software via an interface.

  • Metabo also maintains a comprehensive press section with RSS feed on all websites.

Metabo design relaunch in 2009

The "Metabo 2009 Screen Design Relaunch" went online on 2 April 2009. All national websites, international websites and company websites all underwent a redesign. The final step in this was carried out within 24 hours for over 50 websites.

The design that has now been in existence since 2006 underwent a modernising "makeover" and several points were incorporated for the first time as part of this enhancement.

The implementation was designed and executed within the TYPO3 CMS with the result that no in-depth technical interventions were needed and there was also no need for major content management-related revision measures.

The following enhancements in particular were implemented:

  • Enlargement of the viewport from a fluid 800 to 1,024 pixels to a fluid 1,024 to 1,280 pixels

  • Addition of a direct input field for the dealer search on all national websites

  • Option to add a "Quick Links" element on the homepage

  • Completely new teasers with layers were created, predominantly used on the homepage, the content of which can be managed:

    • Visually optimised and close to the corporate design
    • Incorporation of movement: a layer opens when the mouse hovers over it (mouse over):
      • The layer incorporates more editing options than the opening teaser with variable text length

      • The layer can display different images one after the other.

      • The layer is fully clickable.

    • The content manager can select between a 1st, 2nd and 3rd teaser set – if more than the specified number of teasers are set up, the teasers in this element alternate randomly every time the page is called up

    • Teasers can also be used on all the other pages.

  • Implementation of a new content element, which enables the content manager to incorporate videos more easily than before.

Metabo development from 1999 to date

Features of the project

Metabo product catalogue – TYPO3 XML importer for Metabo

Following a concept development phase, Marketing Factory was commissioned to reconfigure the XML import so that the external Metabo pages could be integrated into the existing TYPO3 system. This migration will enable Metabo to perform product-specific updates independently in the future without major additional work.

To achieve this, the Metabo TYPO3 application was extended with the product and data management functions provided by the TYPO3 shop extension TYPO3 Commerce, which now includes an XML importer in addition to the existing CSV importer. This new infrastructure now manages over 100,000 data sets.

Minor effort, major impact ...

All visitors to the over 30 international and national versions can now gain a very detailed impression of Metabo tools:

To provide this, Marketing Factory added a "Zoom in" effect to all product catalogues, the data of which can be swapped between Metabo’s media-neutral database and TYPO3 Commerce. It took very little effort to give all products this effect to enable visitors to precisely view the fine details of the products.

View a typical product page in the German Metabo product catalogue here.

In 2010 Metabo extended its online communication by addressing its target groups more directly in the individual countries: Catalogues are now offered in these sections, which have been filtered according to the target group.

Metabo spare parts finder

The product-related spare parts search guides users to the corresponding spare parts list based on the model number. The spare parts lists are arranged with corresponding logic in TYPO3.

View the  Spare Parts Search herebased on the German website.

The Metabo HTML newsletter

Metabo produces regular HTML newsletters in TYPO3 in various countries. Due to the number of subscribers, the relevant HTML page is transferred from TYPO3 to a professional newsletter despatch system (Lyris / Postillion), which arranges and organises the final shipment.

The registration forms at the Metabo frontend are also linked to this newsletter system.

Metabo Application Adviser

Marketing Factory has created a symbiosis between TYPO3 and MFC_commerce for Metabo’s application adviser. 

Apart from the search function and main navigation, an application adviser is one of the most important means of guiding a user specifically to the point on the website that they are searching for. An adviser of this nature is recommended for content-heavy or extremely complex sites and is ideal for Metabo’s applications and products.

The Metabo application adviser guides users as if they were having a virtual sales, or advisory discussion. The user then receives different options on a results page for connection with the listed results, such as buying the products from the Metabo online store, finding a high-street retailer or direct advice by email etc.

Metabo also has the option to practise active up-selling and cross-selling. 

The adviser is integrated into the TYPO3 back office, so that all approved content managers can edit the adviser in the usual surroundings. The adviser itself is technically based on the administrative structure of MFC commerce, and so any number of advisory structures of any depth or width can be created. The results essentially consist of available products imported from Metabo’s media-neutral database.

The adviser is international, that is to say it is designed to proceed with the options sorted according to countries and languages.

Metabo company sites

Stand-alone websites, such as company websites or microsites can be quickly and easily created with the TYPO3 content management system. Metabo has already created a host of stand-alone company sites in this manner:


The Metabo trade portal

Marketing Factory has created a proprietary essentially closed section for Metabo trade customers. This trade portal offers trade customers and resellers a number of special service functions and options for retail partners, such as placing orders via an online ordering platform.

Metabo Intranet

In 2007, Marketing Factory took over the upkeep of the Metabo Intranet, which is also based on TYPO3. The Intranet underwent a technical and graphic relaunch.

Metabo microsites

It is very easy and takes little time to create stand-alone microsites using TYPO3 functionality. Metabo intensively makes use of these options.

Metabo creates stand-alone microsites for specific product topics, product launches or advisory topics as part of its online marketing concept.

The microsite for stainless steel power tools was given a completely new and more modern layout, corresponding to the innovative technology of these stainless steel power tools, based on the existing technical installation.