Hörmann KG

Hörmann KG, Steinhagen
Concept development and implementation of a closed Extranet for dealers and tradesmen.

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Name Hörmann KG
Location Steinhagen
Sector The Hörmann Group is Europe’s largest supplier of gates, doors, fences and drives. The key performance indicators of the traditional and innovative family-owned company include 50 own subsidiaries and distributors in over 30 countries, over 6,000 employees and over €1 billion turnover.
Employees > 6,000
Customer since 2002

Project overview

Extranet for Hörmann KG

In 2002, Marketing Factory set up a closed Extranet for Hörmann KG for use by Hörmann dealers and affiliated tradespeople, based on the TYPO3 content management system .

Hörmann offers dealers and tradespeople extensive information and materials relating to the product range within these so-called Dealer Forums. This includes product master data, installation manuals, price lists, training programmes, advertising resources and also a own shop.

The users of this service are authenticated via an XML-RPC specially developed for Hörmann with the LDAP server for the Hörmann merchandise management (Infor).

The Dealer Forum is currently offered in 10 national versions.