Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, Düsseldorf
Concept development, Production and Management of product and Brand-based websites, as well as digital solutions at the Point of Sale.

NameHenkel AG & Co. KGaA
SectorHenkel operates worldwide with leading brands and technologies in three business segments: detergents/cleaning products, cosmetics/skincare and adhesive technologies.
Employeesaround 50,000
Period1999 – 2016

Project overview

  • Relaunch and management of the DIY adhesive brand pages

  • Cross-brand content management

  • Relaunch of the target group split-screen pages (DIY and PRO)

  • New developments for brand pages, microsites and promotional pages (national and international)

  • Concept development, production and supervision of a consumer portal for Henkel consumer adhesives

  • Production of a virtual Henkel adhesive adviser for use at the POS (predominantly in DIY stores)

  • Adaptation of the POS advisory computer as an online adviser and for mobile websites and as a mobile app

Project details

Henkel adhesive brand presence

In 1999 / 2000 Marketing Factory developed CI-compliant web presences for the four brand ranges: Ceresit, Metylan, Pattex and Ponal. Apart from the "Henkelhaus" portal and the "Brand Navigator", a standardised navigation structure provides an overarching link between the individual websites. 

We took responsibility for updating the website in terms of concept development, design and technology using the TYPO3 open source product as the content management system. Some time later, Marketing Factory also began managing the brands Pritt and Sista.

Marketing Factory won the total budget in a multi-stage pitch against several competitors.

The Henkel consumer portal www.henkelhaus.de

Marketing Factory developed the concept, designed and implemented the consumer portal www.henkelhaus.de in TYPO3 across all brands for Henkel consumer adhesives.

The "brand thinking" appears by way of navigation on the brands’ own websites (Ceresit, Metylan, Pattex, Ponal, Pritt and Sista) with a focus on each company’s own range for their target group.

henkelhaus.de deals with the topic at a significantly earlier stage:
Users often navigate online from an actual problem or project via the solution to the product, which is why the focus here is on an application, or problem-based approach. 

An animated "Henkel house" playfully acts as a navigational aid when looking for the solution.

When developing the site, several versions were tested by around 300 DIY enthusiasts and were finally rated as very good / good, understandable and simple to use by over 95% of testers.

The interactive POS Adviser – internet technology on the adhesives’ shelf

Henkel provides what is known as a POS (Point of Sale) Advisory System in many builders’ merchants and DIY shops, which is integrated into the adhesives shelf. Marketing Factory was commissioned with its software-based technical implementation.

When developing the POS Adviser, the Adhesives Adviser was redesigned with a high degree of synergies for digital products too and was also integrated in the Henkel brand websites and in online shops, among others.

Further finalised expansion stages:

  • Active back channel (sending of information, competitions, newsletter)
  • Automatic display of alternative products
  • Dealer-specific listings
  • Control options using integral scanner


Each unit was equipped with a POS-AIR mobile network link and SiteKiosk control system. Unit equipment and hardware was provided by our project partner gekartel, Dresden.

Online and mobile versions of the Adhesives Adviser

When developing the POS Adviser, the Adhesives Adviser was also redesigned for the Henkel brand websites:

The Adhesives Adviser is generated as a stand-alone site from a single data source and can also be used on external brand and advisory sites. MFC also developed a mobile application and apps for iOS and Android-based devices.

All online and app versions take customers directly to the product ordering pages of the linked online stores.

Microsites for special products and promotions

For the first time, Marketing Factory created a stand-alone microsite www.stopfeuchtigkeit.de for DIY adhesive brands to focus on special products or promotions in exceptional cases.

Limited to the key messages and characterised by a shallow navigation depth, it enables innovations and special topics to be clearly promoted on a website that is independent of the brand website in terms of design.

Long-term cross-brand sponsorship promotion

Weekly sponsorship enquiries from amateur football clubs laid the foundation for the trikots-fuer-alle.de (jerseys for all) campaign, the concept development and integration of which was handled by Marketing Factory.

A user can put together their preferred jersey at trikots-fuer-alle.de A real-time preview helps them to select the brand logo and right colour combination. This real-time preview – like the entire ordering process – has been implemented in Flash.

Customers also have the opportunity to upload a photo of their team in their new outfits to the photo gallery and then have the poster-format photo sent to their home free of charge. The uploaded image can be ordered as many times as you wish.

Several hundred teams have been kitted out as part of this promotion – over 10,000 jerseys showcase Henkel’s adhesive brands at amateur football games every weekend.