Heimwerker.de – Just DIY it.

NameMarketing Factory Digital GmbH
SectorMarketing Factory Digital GmbH "MFD" operates and markets portals including henkelhaus.de, heimwerker.de, bau-welt.de, ratgeber.de, do-it-yourself.de or gartencenter.de.
Period1996 – 2016

Project overview

Back in the 90s, heimwerker.de made a name for itself as the first German DIY online portal. Still in 2016, it is one of the DIY portals with the widest coverage in Germany with content relating to DIY, renovation, construction and crafts.

heimweker.de has been officially IVW certified since June 2010.

Project details

Relaunch and content expansion: The latest Heimwerker DIY topics and trends

An extensive redesign of the entire content followed the technical relaunch of heimwerker.de. All content was prepared for the new responsive design and this opportunity was also used to expand it. The advisory pages were also provided with a standard layout and supplemented by sitemaps to help guide users between the individual subject areas.

Following completion of the work, the main sections "Work at Home", "Gardens and Outdoors", "Crafts and Creativity" and "Instructions and Plans" were expanded and new topics added to meet the need for advice by the growing numbers of visitors. A main section entitled "Woodworking" was added to the range of advisory content, which includes information on timber materials and joints, woodworking and comprehensive instruction manuals.

The homepage was finally redesigned with changing monthly topics to match users’ interests and seasonal DIY projects. The content of heimwerker.de was continuously updated up to 2016 and constantly updated with new topics.

New trends were also included in the DIY and Garden section and users’ needs were met by step-by-step instructions, detailed advice and practical hints and ideas.

Relaunch in 2012: Heimwerker.de becomes responsive

To intensify our experience and expertise in the implementation of responsive web design with TYPO3, we converted the extensive heimwerker.de portal to become one of the first German-language services to use responsive web design.

The focus was on its visual relaunch as well as a reworking of the content and a user-friendly layout: Larger combined topics provide a faster overview of the searched for topic.

Since the Heimwerker portal was converted to responsive web design, heimwerker.de always now always appears perfectly on all screens – whether desktop monitor, tablet or smartphone.
The relaunch made heimwerker.de more modern, brighter, lighter but, above all, clearer and more informative.

You can find more information on the implementation of responsive web design here.

Heimwerker.de app – Complete Heimwerker DIY knowledge at your fingertips

Since the portal was converted to responsive web design, heimwerker.de now always appears perfectly on all devices. We also developed heimwerker.de as an app for iPhones to make it even more convenient to users.

The heimwerker.de app provides answers to your questions and problems on the go as well. The app encompasses the entire heimwerker.de database and also includes the extensive Heimwerker DIY and Gardening glossary. The search function provides fast access to relevant articles or instructions.

Due to the extensive database, the app can initially only be fully used when the device is connected to the internet. To enable users to access their favourite articles or instructions without an internet connection, they can be added to a personal favourites list using a "Favourites" star. The favourites list is then stored on the user’s iPhone. 

The Heimwerker app is available from the iTunes App Store

The early days from 1996 to 2011

Back in the mid-90s, heimwerker.de made a name for itself as the first German DIY online portal.

Project details:

  • bau-markt.de, gartenwelt.de and heimwerker.de have been online since the mid-1990s.
  • The three services were merged in 2002 to become the leading German-language DIY portal at www.heimwerker.de
  • Visits and hits to heimwerker.de grew steadily and finally reached 1,000,000 visitors per month.
  • There was a comprehensive technical relaunch in 2006: The complete service migrated to the TYPO3 content management system.
  • The TYPO3 commerce / tx_commerce for TYPO3 extension, co-developed by Marketing Factory was used for the product section with over 50,000 products. This extension organised the integration of the partners’ product ranges.

Two new ideas were put in place at the start of 2007 for the TYPO3 product search:

  • From this date, links from the search results could be directed immediately to the online store partners.
  • A download was available for Firefox and IE 7 browsers, which integrated the heimwerker.de product search into the local browser’s search function.


Back then, the portal consisted of over 70,000 pages, sub-divided into News, DIY Advice, DIY Service and Products and Shops. At the same time, all sections were constantly being expanded. A large number of topic-related online partners were integrated into the Advice, Service and Product areas:
From the content-managed microsite to e-commerce communication.