Braas Monier Building Services GmbH, Oberursel
Upgrade to TYPO3 6.2 ELTS and subsequent maintenance of the international websites.

NameBraas Monier Building Services GmbH
SectorThe Braas Monier Building Group is an international manufacturer and supplier of pitched roofing materials and roofing accessories for a variety of functional aspects. The company is represented worldwide with a variety of product brands such as Braas, Monier, Redland, Wierer, and many more. With more than 121 production sites in 36 countries and a nearly 100-year history, Braas Monier is the perfect partner for sustainable and innovative roof renovation.
Employees> 7.900
Customer since2016

Project overview

In 2016, Marketing Factory was commissioned by Braas Monier Building Group to upgrade the current TYPO3 CMS 4.7 to TYPO3 CMS 6.2 ELTS (Extended Long Term Support) for 33 international websites. Subsequently, in 2017, Marketing Factory was entrusted with the maintenance of the international installations.


Projekt details

During the project, Marketing Factory took over the complete configuration of the new server systems: The combination of Varnish caching server in the frontend environment and Apache web server in the backend environment ensures maximum performance and high reliability. An additionally defined staging system on a separate TYPO3 CMS enables quick and easy approval of individual developments in the course of the project by the customer. This way, it is made possible for the responsible contact persons to review and evaluate individual project sections before deployment in the production environment.

With the introduction of automatic code analysis software, it is now possible to carry out continuous testing for safety-relevant standards. Testing and deployment of the code base is fully automated by the systems of Marketing Factory, so code base adjustments can be quickly tested and made available to the client and its website visitors.

In order to guarantee consistent quality, throughout the whole update process, a test suite for automated frontend review of all country versions was configured for extensive functional tests as well as visual comparisons and integrated into the deployment pipeline. This automated site check reduced the manual quality assurance resulting in a significant reduction in project duration.

After the successful cooperation in the scope of the upgrade to a current TYPO3 version with Extended Long Term Support until the end of March 2018, Marketing Factory was commissioned in 2017 with the maintenance of the international installations. Marketing Factory’s team is responsible for all aspects of the further technical development and maintenance as well as editorial changes.