Agency partners
Our service performance enhanced by a strong network.

As a full service internet agency, we offer our clients a one-stop complete service. In doing so, we rely on good cooperation with our partners and enhance our service performance through a strong network of partners.

Together with our partners, we are developing innovative solutions, coupled with integrated and comprehensive concepts, to fully meet the requirements and needs of our clients.

[Translate to Englisch:] ECCE TERRAM

Ecce Terram, Oldenburg

ECCE TERRAM is a global company specialising in photo ordering solutions and social media services for digital photographic laboratories, printing centres and fulfilment centres. The company has its headquarters in Germany with subsidiaries in Silicon Valley , California and in New Zealand.

Marketing Factory has worked on numerous projects in the photographic and printing sector with its partner company ECCE TERRAM. A further focus of this cooperation involves mobile applications and social media.

The partnership between ECCE TERRAM and Marketing Factory was set up in 1999.

[Translate to Englisch:] FACT-Finder

FACT-Finder, Pforzheim

FACT-Finder is the European market leader for search and navigation for online stores. Using error-tolerant searches, intelligent navigation and merchandising features, FACT-Finder directs visitors to shops and websites along the quickest path to the right product.

Marketing Factory has been using FACT-Finder’s error-tolerant searches since 2004. The partnership with FACT-Finder has been up and running since 2013.

[Translate to Englisch:] Level 3

Level 3, Duesseldorf

Level 3 is an international provider of communication services and operates five data centres in Germany. The data centre in Duesseldorf is one of Germany’s most modern and advanced data centres, excelling with its outstanding connection and service quality, as well as through its network security.

Marketing Factory has hosted all the web servers it manages with Level 3 Communications GmbH since mid-2010.

[Translate to Englisch:] kajomi Logo

kajomi, Martinsried

kajomi GmbH is regarded as an expert in email marketing. Established in 2002, the agency is now involved in much more diverse work than its two core fields of email marketing. kajomi is the provider of the kajomi MAIL email transmission technology and specialises in organising email advertising.

The partnership between kajomi and Marketing Factory was set up in 2007.

TYPO3 Gold Member

TYPO3 Association

As a TYPO3 Gold Member , we have been supporting the TYPO3 Association – which we helped to set up – and are actively involved in the developer community: we support local user groups, for instance by providing servers, developing TYPO3 and sponsoring different TYPO3 events.

The partnership with the TYPO3 Association has been in existence since 2002. Find out more about Marketing Factory and TYPO3 here.

TYPO3 GmbH, Duesseldorf

With our support of the TYPO3 Association and the TYPO3 Community we are underlining our strong commitment for TYPO3. To show our dedication even more, Marketing Factory is now an official partner of the TYPO3 GmbH. As a partner of the TYPO3 GmbH, we are extending our TYPO3 competence and know how even further and bringing our service level to a whole new level.