Secure, stable and ready for the future.

Upgrade to the new TYPO3 Version 10.4 LTS
Secure, stable and ready for the future.

TYPO3 Version 10.4 with Long Term Support (LTS) has been released in April 2020 under the claim "Safe and Sound". Long Term Support means, that this version will be steadily supported and further developed by the TYPO3 Community. The regular maintainance phase stretches until 31. October 2021

After the regular support phase, the version will be officially supported with security and maintainance updates for another 1.5 years. During that phase, site owners should starting planning the next update to the next LTS version. In case that shouldn't be doable, there's going to be the possibility to extend the Long Term Support for up to another 3 years via paid support plans from the TYPO3 Inc. Support for TYPO3 10.4 LTS finally runs out on 30. April 2026. 

What's new in TYPO3 version 10.4 LTS?

There have been several improvements in the new version; both – bigger and smaller ones. We've decided to present some of the most significant ones to you here:


Highlight: Customizable Dashboards

The biggest new feature of TYPO3 v10 LTS are the dashboards, which can be used to display important facts and figures concerning the installation right away. These dashboard can contain anything from the current system status, to performance indicators or upcoming tasks.

A wide variety of widgets are already shipped with the new core, however, additional widgets can easily be created and integrated to fit the installation's needs. Depending on the interests of the different target audiences of the dahsboard, information can be displayed in one or several dashboards.


Improved privacy

TYPO3 is now using SameSite Cookies, which can be used to define, whether certain infromation from scripts and iframes are allowed to be transfered to third party sites. All cookies, set via TYPO3 can be configured that way. 

While frontend cookies are now set to "SameSite=LAX" by default, backend sessions, install tool cookies and workspace cookies are more restricted via "SameSite=Strict".

Changes, that make SEOs happy

If the URL path to a certain page (so called "slug) changes, TYPO3 now creates automatic redirects. Additionally, all slugs of the affected subpages will also be corrected. However, this behaviour can also be prohibited by the users, in case it is unwanted. 

Concluding: No more broken links, immediate solving of conflicting redirects and automatic updates of all slugs and redirects. 


HTML based templates for system mails

Automatically generated system emails have so far been send as plain text mails by default. Version 10 comes with the possibility of creating and using custom templates, to ensure a clean CI-conform communication. 


Supporting PHP 7.4 and Symfony 5.0

Pathbreaking: TYPO3 10 LTS supports PHP version 7.4 and Symfony 5.0.


Improved, more structured user management

Admins are going to be delighter over the significantly improved user management. The user management modules were enhanced by additional information such as user group affiliation and access rights. This makes managing single user data records a lot easier and faster. 

But hold on, there's more...

Besides the more prominent, bigger new developments, several smaller, underlying things have also been worked on. If someone wants to know everything about all the details from TYPO3 10.4 LTS, we would highly suggest taking a look at the official release notes from the TYPO3 Association. There you can find all improvements in detail.


Why is an upgrade to TYPO3 v10 LTS required?

After the expiration of the support period, errors and security vulnerabilities will no longer be officially eliminated. As a result, the probability of successful hacker attacks is increased enormously.

Only an upgrade offers the highest possible level of stability, security, performance and future-proofness for the system. Moreover, innovations and further developments are no longer available, as they are not compatible with outdated versions.

You're currently running a website on TYPO3 7.6 ELTS, 8.7 LTS or 9.5 LTS and want to upgrade to the newest version? Are you planning on relaunching your website and want to combine it with an upgrade?

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