Upgrade of TYPO3 6.2 to the new version 7.6 LTS
Regular support for the 6.2 LTS CMS version ends in March 2017.

In terms of open source content management systems, TYPO3 clearly emerged as the market leader ahead of other CMS, such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal or Plone. According to estimations by the TYPO3 Association, the TYPO3 installation has already been downloaded over 750,000 times. 

The support period for normal releases is generally one year, while LTS versions are continuously developed by TYPO3 developers for three years and regularly enhanced with updates. This support involves the elimination of security vulnerabilities and technical faults and also offers stability and reliability.

At the end of March 2017, the extended support (ELTS Extended Long-term Support) ceases for the first LTS version TYPO3 4.5. The regular support period also ends for the 6.2 LTS CMS version – the second LTS version, which was launched on 25 March 2014 so that an upgrade to a higher LTS is required. After all: Only the use of the latest version offers the highest possible level of stability, security and performance and future-proofness for your system.

Version 7.6 LTS CMS was launched in November 2015 and will officially be provided with updates up to and including November 2018.

The latest LTS version, 8.7 LTS CMS, will be launched at the start of April 2017.

Redesign of the backend user interface

The focus of the new TYPO3 LTS 7.6 version is first and foremost on the complete redesign of the backend user interface. The backend now features a new and modern design with "Tile Style" icons. These alterations have not just improved the look and feel of the software but also the intuitive usability of the backend.

Integration of additional editor features

Diverse features have also been implemented for working at the backend, which are intended to simplify day-to-day work for TYPO3 content managers in particular. They include the cropping to size of image files directly in the backend, or the option to incorporate video preview into the information window.

The backend extension also offers the option of individual customisation of the Login area for the TYPO3 backend with background images, logos etc.

Considerable improvement of loading speeds at the frontend and backend

A further distinctive feature of the new LTS version is its significantly improved loading speeds, both at the frontend and backend. Overall, your TYPO3 installations can be up to 4x faster!

Why is an upgrade needed?

  • Your website will continue to function following the end of long-term support but the security risk will increase enormously, as errors and security vulnerabilities can no longer be officially eliminated
  • Innovations are no longer available to you as they are only compatible with the latest versions
  • Only an update offers the highest possible level of stability, security and performance and future-proofness for your system