Marketing Factory - official TYPO3 Business Partner

Marketing Factory and TYPO3

Marketing Factory has been the experienced partner in creating sustainable online solutions for medium-sized businesses since 1996. We are one of the leading TYPO3 agencies in Germany and have been using TYPO3 as our CMS of choice in internal and external projects since 2001/2002.

We are actively supporting the further development of TYPO3 since 2002: Our TYPO3 developers are actively taking part in the TYPO3 community as well as contributing to the further development of TYPO3. Besides prodiving extension patches, we are also developing our own extensions in-house, which are available for entire community. We are supporting our employees in their continuous further education and engagement with the used systems and tools. Since the introduction of the TYPO3 Certification Program, several of our employees have successfully passed the exams as a TYPO3 CMS Certified Integrator, TYPO3 CMS Certified Developer, TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor or TYPO3 CMS Certified Consultant.

Our developers are regularly taking part in agency and code sprints and are working on the further development of features as well as the development of new concepts hand-in-hand with other TYPO3 developers and agencies. Our dedication also includes the support of local usergroups and big TYPO3 events, such as the Developer Days, the TYPO3 Camp RheinRuhr or the international TYPO3 Camp. Since 2013 we are also supporting CMS-Garden as an on-site consultant and thereby contributing our part in the improvement of public relations as well as ensuring the sustainable continued existence of Open Source CMS and TYPO3. Furthermore we have been a member of the TYPO3 Association since 2005.


Marketing Factory: Official TYPO3 Business Partner

With our support of the TYPO3 Association and the TYPO3 Community we are underlining our strong commitment for TYPO3. To show our dedication even more, Marketing Factory is now an official partner of the TYPO3 GmbH.

"For over 15 years we have been using TYPO3 as the CMS of our choice. Through our support of the TYPO3 Association and the TYPO3 Community, as well as our active assistance on the development of TYPO3, we are showing, that we are completely dedicated to TYPO3. Therefore, the next logical step for us was to become an official partner of the TYPO3 GmbH.", said Ingo Schmitt – Managing Director and CTO of Marketing Factory Consulting GmbH. "Agencies, who want to become an official partner, have to meet several requirements as well as a certain level of quality and service. Marketing Factory offers everything needed for the proper development and operation of a website or web application. A lot of our clients have trusted us for more than a decade and appreciate our professionalism and TYPO3 competence.“ 

We are relying on the cooperation with our partners and are complementing our capability through a strong partner network. As a partner of the TYPO3 GmbH, we are extending our TYPO3 competence and know-how even further to bring our service level to a whole new level.