TYPO3 CMS – Services offered by Marketing Factory
Marketing Factory is a TYPO3 Gold member and supporting member of the TYPO3 Association.

Marketing Factory is a TYPO3 Gold Member and Supporting Member of the TYPO3 Association.

Since TYPO3 was launched in 2002, we have successfully designed concepts, and developed and managed projects based on this open source CMS.

Our team of certified TYPO3 integrators and developers guarantees professional quality in the concept development and implementation of customers’ projects.

Our services in detail:

Performance – For faster websites in an instant!

In terms of performance, TYPO3 wins out on account of its clean code base and its exceptional system structure, which has grown to meet the most demanding requirements to ensure the seamless performance of your website.

All TYPO3 installations are subjected to a technical analysis by Marketing Factory to identify optimisation measures to improve performance. In doing so, it takes into account the entire stack, to maximise performance by carrying out targeted adjustments in all relevant areas.

This enables long loading and waiting times to be drastically shortened and the performance of a website to be massively improved.

Maintenance – The professionals in the system maintenance sector!

Marketing Factory is conscious of the major responsibility it has, above all, to its customers as a service provider and does its best to guarantee the secure operation of TYPO3 by compliance with strict security precautions and measures.

All systems are carefully monitored around the clock so that attacks can be immediately noted and appropriate security measures initiated.

Security and maintenance updates as well as extension updates are also regularly installed.

By concluding an additional Service Level Agreement (SLA), customers can also arrange around-the-clock support for their TYPO3 installation, depending on the agreement level.

Hosting (high availability) – Your experienced partner for TYPO3 server hosting!

Over 20 years of experience in hosting make Marketing Factory the perfect partner for TYPO3 hosting.

In doing so, Marketing Factory relies on individual hosting and housing solutions, specifically tailored to the requirements of its customers, to offer them high-performance, scalable and secure services.

Additional Service level Agreements (SLAs) with different response and elimination times can be concluded for all hosting solutions.

Marketing Factory also provides the option of managed hostings on third-party systems.

The availability of the services offered on Marketing Factory’s own systems has been constantly over 99.8% in recent years. In the last four years it has even been 100%.

Security – Maximum security standards for your installation!

Quality and security are a priority at Marketing Factory:

The regular and thorough review and maintenance of TYPO3 installations using various monitoring tools is one of the most important system administration tasks to protect sensitive data and websites from hacker attacks.

All systems are carefully monitored around the clock so that attacks can be immediately noted and appropriate security measures initiated to ensure the secure operation of TYPO3 by compliance with strict security precautions and measures.

The risk of hacker attacks on TYPO3 backends is also rising due to the increasing intelligence of hacker bots. Marketing Factory developed the extension "mfc_belogin_captcha" as a solution to prevent the hacking of passwords by automated systems as soon as this has occurred:

After a certain number of failed logins, a CAPTCHA is displayed, which must be completed in addition to the correct access data. As is known, automated systems cannot complete CAPTCHAs and so further attacks are prevented by the appearance of this CAPTCHA alone.

TYPO3 commerce – The flexible online shop module!

TYPO3 commerce is an extension developed by Marketing Factory for operating online stores. It is the only shop extension to be fully integrated in TYPO3, which does not require separate software.

As many items as required can be imported and administered in TYPO3 commerce – both physical and virtual products. Every product can be assigned to a number of individually configurable attributes, which also enables the use of TYPO3 commerce as a catalogue extension.

Extension Development / Customising

One of the major benefits of TYPO3 is its modular extendibility through extensions, which are available in the TYPO3 Extension Repository.

Marketing Factory also develops made-to-measure extensions to realise customers’ individual requirements, which cannot be met by the functional scope of the TYPO3 core and for which there is no suitable extension within the TYPO3 Extension Repository.

Alongside customer-specific solutions, which can only be used in the customer’s TYPO3 system, Marketing Factory also develops extensions, which it makes available to the entire TYPO3 community. This includes, for example, the extension mfc_belogin_captcha, which prevents the hacking of passwords by automated systems as soon as this has occurred by displaying a CAPTCHA.


Marketing Factory also has many years of experience in interface programming and connection to external systems. The development of individual solutions enables different systems to be cross-linked to TYPO3.

Marketing Factory has successfully linked the following systems to TYPO3 in its projects:

  • SAP
  • Microsoft Dynamics Navision
  • Viamedici
  • Hybris
  • Apache Solr
  • Apollon
  • AS400
  • LDAP
  • Rest
  • SOAP
  • Web services
  • Payment APIs


Marketing Factory develops individual TYPO3 templates based on the customer’s corporate identity.

The websites are implemented using responsive web design (RWD) standards to guarantee the optimum presentation of the website on all devices (desktops, tablets, smartphones).

A further focus is on fast load times, correct indexing by search engines and compatibility with different browsers and mobile devices (tablets and smartphones).

Integration / Connection to external systems

Marketing Factory is also able to link the TYPO3 CMS to external systems, e.g. SAP, Microsoft Navision and Dynamics, ViaMedici EPIM, Hybris and LDAP, as well as payment systems and Google API.

Moreover, the integration of Apache Solr Search offers customers a convenient search function boasting an auto-suggest function, integral spell checker and limitation of results by means of sensible filters and facets. This enables the search function to be individually adapted to company requirements and to be integrated into online stores, Extranets, Intranets, apps and websites.

TYPO3 upgrades

Marketing Factory also has extensive experience in the planning and organisation of TYPO3 upgrades. In general it exclusively uses LTS (Long-term Support) versions, as they are specifically maintained for seamless operation within a business environment and thus offer greater stability. They also continue to be developed for a minimum of three years and enhanced with updates.

An analysis is performed before the actual TYPO3 update, during which the existing extensions are analysed for their update capability. We use this website check to obtain a comprehensive overview of the current installation and, on the basis of this, estimate the work involved for a complete update.

Following the analysis, the TYPO3 update is first performed on the development system. The live system is updated once all conflicts have been eliminated and the update has been successfully performed. The update is thus always performed on a cloned installation of the live system to ensure that there are no outages and faults at the frontend and that the operation of the website is not disrupted during the update process. Following the successful acceptance of the update on the cloned installation, it is transferred to the productive operation by switching the domains.

System Maintenance

We would be happy to assist should you not have the capacity to enter your data. That way, you can ensure that your servers are not just visually appealing but that the content is always completely up-to-date.

Further Development / Scalability

Marketing Factory considers scalability at the concept design and development stage to ensure that any server that has migrated to TYPO3 is always technologically "state-of-the-art" to guarantee the further development and extension of the application even at a subsequent development stage.

You can count on us – whether you are considering updates, installing new extensions, implementing layout specifications into templates or implementing new requirements!